German Pharma Turkesterone: As Good as Their Other Products?

German Pharma Turkesterone: As Good as Their Other Products?

German Pharma Company Background

German Pharma is an online supplementary manufacturer & seller. Their variety of highly potent and high-quality products including Turkesterone has caused ripples in the fitness industry. This Liverpool, England-based brand offers straightforward and cost-effective solutions.

German Pharma Turkesterone Products

German Pharma Turkesterone is the most bioavailable Turkesterone product on the market. It is derived from high-quality Turkesterone complexed with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin.

What is Turkesterone?

Turkish steroid hormone (also known as arthropod steroid hormone) is derived from ecdysteroid hormones. It has become popular in bodybuilding due to its anabolic natural muscle mass-increasing effects.

The chemical structure of this hormone is similar to that of male testosterone. It helps plants grow, and when insects eat those same plants, it aids in their metamorphosis and cell growth.

The word ‘steroid’ might raise concerns about the element’s legality as an anabolic steroid. Still, researchers have assured us that this is one of nature’s most potent anabolic, naturally derived steroidal supplements.

Turkesterone does not bind to androgen receptors providing the muscle-building advantages of steroids without the traditional negative side effects of increased cortisol.

How Does It Work?

  • Turkesterone’s primary mechanism of action is to increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in muscles.
  • Protein production is bolstered by anabolic steroids such as turkesterone. Although, hair loss, acne, gynecomastia, etc. are seen as side effects sometimes.
  • Turkesterone binds to non-androgen receptors in the body, so it does not have the same negative effects as testosterone.
  • Turkesterone also helps decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, eliminating threats of slowing down muscle building & fat loss and decreasing energy levels.
  • German Pharmaceuticals Turkesterone is a powerful anabolic supplement that promotes muscle growth and fat loss. It is also one of the safest steroids on the market today

German Pharma Turkesterone Dosage Guide

  1. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice a day. One capsule contains 250mg of Turkesterone, which amounts to 500mg per day.
  2. However, beginners are advised to take two or 500mg daily pills daily.
  3. For best results, take this supplement with food & before exercise.

Find out more about Turkesterone dosage in our Dosage Guide.

Key Benefits of German Pharma Turkesterone

1. More Power

Turkesterone contains ecdysteroids that increase ATP synthesis, resulting in muscle agility and endurance. Hence, a user can work out for longer but still feel less muscle soreness & expect a quicker recovery.

2. Carbs & Fats Digest

Insulin resistance is minimized with the usage of Turkesterone. The carbs intake gets backed up by the plant steroid’s fastened metabolism, resulting in more effortless weight loss and muscle gain.

3. No Need For PCT

Post Cycle Therapy or PCT is the human body’s natural restorative phase after completing a course of hormonal drugs. But since turkesterone is similarly chemically structured to testosterone, the body doesn’t feel the mandated need to run PCT.

4. Discourages muscle breakdown

Increased glycogen concentration & protein production are the results of using Turkesterone. These enhanced physiological functions discourage muscle breakdown, so you can be assured that your newly gained muscles aren’t going away too easily.

Customers’ Experiences with German Pharma Turkesterone

 Reviews From YouTube

An avid workout supplements channel, ‘Review Bros’ did a video dedicated to German Pharma Turkesterone responding to its hype. Here’s what the reviewer said about his personal experience with the product,

  • Used for 2 months. It’s harder to get your hands on this product cus it’s more potent than most others.
  • He was on a surplus caloric diet before, & is on maintenance calories at the time of reviewing. He took 2 pills aka 500mg per day. It was 219 pounds, now it is 227.
  • His water weight reduced due to this (he claims he can tell from 10 years of experience).
  • Deeper, more relaxing sleep with fewer interruptions.
  • Did more reps with the same weight
  • Endurance & strength CLEARLY heightened

Review Bros, August 3, 2021

David Fredrickson did a similar video as well. He claimed,

  • Paired with Laxogenin, he saw an increase of 2 to 5 lbs in reps
  • Termed it as “big improvement”
  • The product, he assumes is an extract or derivative of about 20-40% Turk, which was immediately backed up by a commenter saying most Turkesterone products have 10%+- in 200mg. German Pharma is 250mg per pill.

David Fredrickson, October 26, 2021

Youtube Comments (about German Pharma Turkesteroe specifically)

  • Currently, I have my Mrs on 2caps a day:…. So far she’s lost 1kg .. and reports that she has been training harder .. and her strength is up.. this is after 7 days on.. bit early to determine .. but going well. – Gg Priest
  • Been using it for 2 weeks and I consider myself a hard gainer (skinny dude) , the pump and vascularity it gives me is scary and now my body is getting rock hard. I also find it opens up your breathing just crazy – Jaydee illa
  • Stuff definitely works, you do lose strength coming off the stuff comparable to coming off creatine.  – Jeff moesta ygyi
  • Impressive results for a standalone product… – matt epton
  • I’m currently cutting and taking 4 capsules per day as I was taking MPMDs Turk first at only one bottle and now carried on with German pharma so kept it at 4 caps but I believe German pharmas Turk is stronger.

Another 2 bottles after the bottle I’m on so hope to see some good gains in the next couple of months – c B

Reviews from Reddit

From r/more plates more dates

Xirse 11 mo ago

I’m convinced it’s cross contaminated. I have been on it for a few weeks and saw a suspicious amount of vascularity and strength in a short space of time. I emptied one of the capsules today and there is a white powder mixed in with the raw turkesterone which I’m leg to believe is a prohormone/sarm so I’ve now thrown the rest away.

Reply by A_semblance – hol’ up. improved vasc and strength = throw away?

Xirse – Yeah because I don’t want to be on prohormones/sarms or whatever was in that at this point in time.

What Are The Side Effects of Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is a phytoecdysteroid, which is a plant-derived ecdysteroid

Heavy side effects or dangerous safety threats aren’t associated with turkesterone intake as per research.

However, anecdotal research has revealed that taking not only turkesterone but any performance-enhancing supplement can cause stomach problems, nausea, headaches, etc. when consumed on an empty stomach i.e before breakfasts/meals.

Anyone over 18 can take turkesterone, but nursing or pregnant women & people with chronic health conditions are advised to not use this product.

What We Think:

German Pharma Turkesterone is one of the best on the market, but I’ve used better products with the same effects.

I took this for 9 weeks and got satisfactory results.

The progress came gradually because I could notice better results with Nature Maniac with half the dosage.

I then started taking 2 capsules twice per day as per German Pharma’s instructions on the bottles and saw a way better performance at the gym.

I could lift heavier per set, and recovery was more comfortable and faster.

Caution: do not take the supplements on an empty stomach.

Alternative to German Pharma Turkesterone

You might want to consider Natural Maniac Turkesterone as an alternative to German Pharma Turkesterone.

Our goal is to create the most bioavailable, effective, and synergistic formulas available on the market. An all-natural, powerful muscle-building supplement that helps to increase muscle size, enhance strength, and improve recovery.

EXTRA: Order one 500mg Turkesterone bottle now, and you’ll receive another FREE!

Below is a table comparing Natural Maniac and German Pharma.

Natural Maniac Turkesterone Vs. German Pharma Turkesterone:

Product differences Exclusive Formulation utilizing Supramolecular Inclusion Complex Technology, designed to assist with muscle size, enhance strength, and boost recovery times.

Faster working product at a lower dosage.

Made with supramolecular inclusion complex technology to increase absorption.

A higher dosage is necessary for you to see results.

Pricing $47.99 PER 500GM Bottle containing 60 Capsules $44.99 PER 500GM Bottle containing 60 Capsules
Shipping Same Day Shipping on all orders placed before 1 pm MST.


Free Shipping on every order over $100.

Typically within 5-7 business days

Shipping may be delayed due to restocking.

Packaging and Refunds You may return your purchase within 60 days of receipt for a 100% money-back guarantee, excluding shipping and handling costs.

All returned products must be in original condition and packaging or additional charges may be applied. Unfortunately, we cannot take returns of products that have been assembled or modified.

Additional Discount available for the purchase of 3 Bottle-Bundles of Natural Maniac Turkesterone.

German Pharma’s policy lasts 14 days. If 14 days have gone by since your purchase, they can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a return, the item must be unused and in the same condition of reception.It must also be in the original packaging.


German Pharma turkesterone is an effective product by a reliable brand. This natural yet powerful testosterone booster gives men of ages over 18 increased satisfaction in terms of muscle growth, libido & workout performance.

You can get more from every workout with German Pharma Turkesterone.

Waiting for German Pharma Turkesterone restock? You can try Natural Maniac’s Turkesterone for similar results. With a great value for quality turkesterone and just as potent as German PharmaTurkesterone, it’s one of the best deals on the market.


Is Turkesterone a Steroid?

No, It is a phytoecdysteroid containing a 11α-hydroxyl group. Ecdysteroids are steroid hormones found in plants and arthropods naturally.

Is it Natural?

Turkesterone is a naturally occurring ecdysteroid found mainly in the plant Ajuga Turkestanica. They are plant extracts that are just as “natural” as any other plant extract. So yes, it’s natural!

Does Turkesterone Work? 

Turkesterone boosts the efficiency of muscle protein synthesis by more than 100% & the quantity of leucine incorporated by a particular cell. Also, it may encourage bone and muscular growth.

Is Turkesterone Legal? 

Yes. Right now, Turkesterone is a legal supplement that is not on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of prohibited substances.

Is Turkesterone Safe? 

Turkesterone and other ecdysteroids are safer than anabolic steroids in general, as they do not bind to androgen receptors, which can cause side effects.

What Are The Side Effects?

There are some turkesterone side effects, such as nausea, upset stomach, lightheadedness, and other digestive problems. To avoid these side effects, avoid taking it on an empty stomach and always stick to the recommended dosage.

How To Know The Reliable Brands For It?

Choose brands that present the full facts about manufacturing & processing. A reliable company also tests its products regularly.

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