Double Wood Turkesterone: A Comprehensive Review

Double Wood Turkesterone Review 


Supplements can never replace a healthy diet; However, our daily meals often cannot reach the ideal nutrient intake.

Nonetheless, supplements and a balanced diet can maintain a body’s optimal condition, even as prominent as combating signs of aging.

Similarly, Double Wood supplements emphasize serving the simplest yet most effective supplements for a healthy body and a liberating lifestyle.

Muscle development, anti-aging, immunity boosting, or even reaching your neurobiological potential.

Other benefits include:

  • Better sleep cycle
  • Balancing cholesterol
  • Detoxifying effects.

Double Wood Supplements: Who Are They?

Founded in 2013, the Wood brothers Evan and Reese established the brand by marketing their hangover prevention research on Dihydromyricetin.

Afterward, they offered reliably certified supplements in tablets, powder, and liquid to other health niches, promising the highest quality of supplements in the USA.

They also custom cater to everyone’s fitness aspirations and offer expert advice.

Double Wood’s Turkesterone and Its Benefits

Double Wood’s Turkesterone is a hormonal workout supplement that enhances male hormones such as testosterone and androgen. Along with providing muscle support by increasing its growth and repair, it is also perfect for resistance training.

The quality control certificate published on Double Wood’s official website proved reliable. Vita-gen Laboratories, LLC conducted heavy metal and microbiological contaminants tests on 1,440,000 capsules. The results do not signal any danger.

After passing several safety tests by its US manufacturers, Double Wood Turkesterone made its debut in the supplement market, where it received pretty mixed reviews.

Fortunately for homeopaths, the source of Turkesterone is the Siberian ajuga turkestanica plant, also naturally found in parts of Asia and East Europe.

Moreover the concentration of ecdysterone, a steroid found commonly in arthropods to stimulate molting, is highly concentrated in the supplement but is much safer than we think.

It may be less impactful, but it is an ideal substitute for androgen for 2 reasons:

a) Its chemical structure and function
b) Safety of consumption (better the direct consumption of androgen).

Dosage Guide

Double Wood encourages all body-building enthusiasts to take 1-2 capsules equivalent to 500-1000 mg turkesterone daily after a meal.

However, a daily intake of 4 capsules -2000mg- is reported to increase the risk of lethargy, nausea, headaches, and diarrhea.

No reported cases indicate major health risks due to consumption, according to Double Wood’s official website.

Every bottle contains 120 capsules containing 10% turkesterone equivalent to 500 mg.

See our Dosage Guide for more information on Turkesterone dosage.


We headed to amazon to see the practicality of the product. Here are the highest and lowest-rated reviews:

  • “It doesn’t have Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin which is why it is cheaper than the other products. But it does something. Makes my arms tingle when I take it. I take 4 a day so far for 4 days now and the results are ok on energy level and recovery better than nothing but I can’t be sure if it is a placebo or the pill working. (Update 1 week in) Ok, so it definitely does something my lift that was stagnant came up by at least 20kg. My diet is the same. my weight is down by 2lb.” 4 stars.

– Cindy 

  • “I wanted to give this product a chance. I did not feel any effects as with other testosterone boosters I have tried. I did not feel any increase in testosterone with this product. I thought maybe I should give it another chance.  Maybe the first time I was not sensitive to the effects, I thought. I look to buy another bottle and I see they increased the price by 10 dollars from the last time I bought the price from them. Not worth it to me. I did not feel the effects the first time and believe me if your testosterone is increased, YOU WILL FEEL IT.  This may be priced lower than other Turkesterone products, but it really looked bad when they increased the price so much because it’s in such high demand. I’m not buying this again. Turkesterone sellers are charging too much for the supplement taking advantage that it’s in such high demand. These guys are no exception. I am not paying 40 dollars for this. There are other testosterone boosters.”1 star

– Eddie Montalvo. 

What We Think

Double Wood’s turkesterone main feature is the safety instead of its potency, which deviates from the conventional marketing of turkesterone.

The formula used is also not typical of other brands where one key ingredient, absent in Double Wood, is Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin.

However, it’s cheaper than other turkesterone products. On the other hand, the concentration of turkesterone questioned its authenticity as each capsule is claimed to be 95% ajuga extract. In contrast, other brands are known to serve relatively lower for a better absorption rate.

Alternative to Double Wood Turkesterone

You might want to consider Natural Maniac Turkesterone as an alternative to Double Wood’s Turkesterone.

Our mission is to create the most available bioavailable, effective, and synergistic formulas. Enhance muscle strength and size, and improve recovery with this all-natural muscle-building supplement.

BONUS: Order one 500mg Turkesterone bottle now, and you’ll receive another FREE!

Below is a table comparing Natural Maniac and Double Wood:

Double Wood vs. Natural Maniac 

Product Differences  Exclusive Formulation utilizing Supramolecular Inclusion Complex technology, designed to assist with muscle size, enhance strength, and boost recovery times.

Faster working product at a lower dosage.

Designed to Increase Muscle support. Stimulates muscle growth and repair and trains resistance.

Focuses on androgen and its properties.

Pricing  $47.99 PER 500GM Bottle containing 60 Capsules $39.95 PER 500GM Bottle containing 120 Capsules
Shipping  Same Day Shipping on all orders placed before 1 pm MST.


Free Shipping on every order over $100.

Takes 1 business day to ship.


Free Shipping – USPS First Class, typically arrives in 3-5 business days.

Expedited Shipping ($12)

UPS SurePost ($12)

UPS 3-Day Select ($20)

UPS 2-Day Air ($30)

Packaging and Refunds  You may return your purchase within 60 days of receipt for a 100% money-back guarantee, excluding shipping and handling costs.

All returned products must be in original condition and packaging, or additional charges may be applied. Unfortunately, we cannot take returns of products that have been assembled or modified.


Additional Discount available for the purchase of 3 Bottle-Bundles of Natural Maniac Turkesterone.

Double Wood Supplements can be refunded within 30 days with guaranteed money back. Return requests of over 30 days are accepted at their discretion


Refund for opened bottles is accepted but if more than one bottle is opened, only one will be refunded for returning both bottles.

 Bottom Line

Double Wood Turkesterone is an excellent product for beginners in bodybuilding or people returning after a long break from fitness.

It is affordable, and despite the slow effect, the result is still satisfactory.

It helps to increase lift and muscle mass.

Due to the debate on the potency and safety of consuming steroids, Double Wood turkesterone seems ideal for people against it.

The supplement is also certified by Vita-gen Lab to have the correct amount of turkesterone, despite many arguments regarding its high concentration and absorption rate.

However, if Double Wood Turkesterone doesn’t produce satisfactory results, Natural Maniac Turkesterone can get you better effects at a more cost-effective rate.

Are questions about Turkesterone still unanswered? Our comprehensive guide has all the details you need.

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