Turkesterone vs Ashwagandha

Turkesterone Vs Ashwagandha

Turkesterone vs Ashwagandha

Recently, natural supplements are all the rage in the fitness community. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose.

Two of these natural supplements, Turkesterone and Ashwagandha, might sound familiar to you. Both of these supplements promise greater rewards in bodybuilding.

But which one will give you your desired muscle gains? Let’s find out.

What are Turkesterone and Ashwagandha? 


Turkesterone is a natural supplement that promotes muscle growth and recovery. It falls under the umbrella of Ecdysterone (a natural substance chemically similar to testosterone).

Research shows that it increases protein synthesis. Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles, and protein synthesis combines smaller proteins to form larger ones.

That’s how you get those excellent muscle gains!

As you can see, Turkesterone is a great way to boost your bodybuilding routine!


Ashwagandha is a plant used in particular ancient medicine for centuries. It falls under a category of herbs known as adaptogens.

So what are adaptogens? In simple terms, these plants help your body handle physical and mental stress.

This happens by promoting homeostasis: your body’s ideal state (in terms of temperature, blood pressure, hormone levels, etc.). Many people say it increases sports performance and stamina.

What are the Benefits?

If you’re looking to boost your gains, improve your fitness, and more, read to discover the benefits these two can give you!

Benefits of Turkesterone

  • Increases muscle mass:  This study revealed that after taking Ecdysterone (Turkesterone is a type of Ecdysterone), the subjects experienced higher muscle growth than those without.
  • Speeds up muscle recovery:  Are your muscles hurting after working out? Turkesterone can prevent this to an extent by lowering lactic acid (the chemical which makes your muscles tired).
  • Lowers stress: With Turkesterone, your body becomes more adapted to stress. That’s because Turkesterone is an adaptogen too!
  • Prevents slowdown of muscle growth: Our bodies produce a natural hormone called “Myostatin”. This lowers muscle growth. But thankfully, Turkesterone lowers Myostatin, which in turn, allows your muscles to grow.

Benefits of Ashwagandha

  • Relieves stress: As an adaptogen, Ashwagandha is best known for reducing anxiety and stress. This study showed that Ashwagandha lowered anxiety by a significant amount.
  • Lowers blood sugar: Some small clinical studies found that adaptogen reduces glucose (sugar) levels in the blood.
  • Increases muscle strength: Some research, though limited, shows that Ashwagandha has anabolic effects (muscle growth). It can help in your strength training routines!

Side Effects of Turkesterone and Ashwagandha

As you just read, these supplements can give you great benefits. That being said, here are some side effects you should look out for:

Ashwagandha Side Effects:

  • Large doses cause an upset stomach 

Ashwagandha can cause stomach pain when taken in large doses. This creates a problem: muscle growth is only possible when Ashwagandha takes a significant dose. But we’ll discuss that more soon.

  • Interferes with other medicine: 

If you take medication for certain diseases, it’s advised not to take Ashwagandha. It interferes with blood pressure medication, diabetes medicine, and more.

Before we move on to Turkesterone side effects, let’s discuss certain precautions with Ashwagandha. It’s still a good supplement, given you keep these things in mind.

  • Can’t be taken if you have an autoimmune disease: 

Ashwagandha causes the immune system to be more active. Sounds good, right? It is, except for people with autoimmune diseases.

It can increase the symptoms of diseases like lupus and multiple sclerosis.

  • Avoid use for pregnant women: 

Ashwagandha is not safe to use for pregnant women. It’s deemed “unsafe” by the FDA. So stay on the safe side!

Now, let’s discuss the side effects of Turkesterone!

Turkesterone Side Effects:

  • Nausea: If taken on an empty stomach, Turkesterone may cause nausea. Safely avoid this by having a meal before your dose.
  • Gastric issues: Like nausea, the risk for this increases if you take Turkesterone on an empty stomach.

Turkesterone is not a synthetic anabolic steroid and doesn’t have the typical side effects. Still, be cautious and enjoy the results it gives you!

Read our article on Turkesterone side effects to get an in-depth understanding.


Now let’s talk about the proper dosages for both Turkesterone and Ashwagandha.

Turkesterone Recommended Dose:

  • Beginner: To get the best out of it, start with 12mg-45mg of Turkesterone (before gradually building up). Don’t worry if it sounds too low! Even this amount is enough to bring gains.
  • Standard dose: 500mg is recommended by most manufacturers, including us. Many bodybuilders even take 1000mg daily, bringing them incredible results. Check out our Turkesterone 500mg capsules to see for yourself!

Ashwagandha Recommended Dose:

  • 500mg: Some small-scale research shows that this dose can promote muscle mass.
  • 750mg-1250mg: The research shows that this higher dose also can give you gains.

Note: As mentioned in the Side Effects section, Ashwagandha’s higher doses may cause issues. So be careful and enjoy your boosted workout safely!

Research on Turkesterone and Ashwagandha

When a supplement is as promising as these two, you might be curious about the available data. So let’s go through two studies for each of them.

Turkesterone Studies

Let’s start with Turkesterone. Should you trust it to boost your workout regime? Let’s find out.

  • Does it boost muscle mass?

This in-depth study on 46 men researched the effect of Ecdysterone (which Turkesterone falls under) on muscle growth.

The men took Ecdysterone for ten weeks. This resulted in an incredible muscle increase.

Extensive measures were taken to make sure the findings would be unbiased. In the end, increased muscle mass, better performance rates, and higher stamina were the results of taking Ecdysterone.

Turkesterone is the most potent of all Ecdysteroids, so this study is especially relevant. Try it out to experience these amazing changes yourself!

  • Can Turkesterone speed up muscle recovery?

Another study researched the effect of Turkesterone on muscle recovery. Your body, after a rigorous gym session, slowly recovers your muscles on its own. But the process is slow and painful, even.

Turkesterone claims to speed up muscle recovery and give you some relief. But is it more than a claim? This study aimed to find out.

Researchers gave Turkesterone to rats under muscle stress. The Turkesterone kicked in and brought amazing results.

It lowered lactic acid, the hormone that causes muscle soreness. Turkesterone even maintained homeostasis, which is the body’s ideal state. So it’s more than a claim.

To know more about the facts on this supplement, check out some other studies that we discussed to clear out all your doubts!

Ashwagandha Studies:

While studies on muscle growth from Ashwagandha are limited, there’s still some evidence. Let’s go through two important studies on Ashwagandha.

  • Can it reduce anxiety?

This detailed study tested a group of 64 subjects on their body’s reaction to Ashwagandha.

They aimed to determine if Ashwagandha truly lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone). After all, lower stress levels give you energy and time to build muscle.

The results were terrific. After 60 days of taking Ashwagandha, the group who regularly took the supplement experienced much lower anxiety and stress.

So, this benefit of Ashwagandha is backed by research and should leave no room for doubt.

  • Can Ashwagandha increase muscle mass?

As we said, research on Ashwagandha’s direct link to building muscle is limited. But there is some available research.

A study analyzing the bodies’ reaction to Ashwagandha tested 18 volunteers. Different groups among them had different results, the majority being positive. The muscle strength of the volunteers increased too.

A Final Comparison:

Now that you know in-depth about Ashwagandha and Turkesterone, whatever you choose will give you results because you made an informed decision.

It’s up to you to decide which can take your bodybuilding regime to the next level. Let’s do a final comparison by looking at the pros and cons of each:

Turkesterone: Pros vs. Cons


  • Effective in building muscle
  • Lowers stress, as it’s an adaptogen (like Ashwagandha)
  • Minimal side effects
  • It gives the results of synthetic steroids without the physical costs that they bring
  • It’s well-researched.


  • It can cause nausea if taken without eating anything beforehand
  • It can cause gastric if taken on an empty stomach as well

Ashwagandha: Pros vs. Con


  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • It may increase muscle growth
  • It’s all-natural (not a synthetic anabolic steroid)


  • Limited research
  • Can’t be taken with certain medications
  • It causes an upset stomach when taken in large doses, but a large dose is needed to see muscle gains
  • You can’t take it if you have an autoimmune disease

The Bottom Line

So, in the competition of Turkesterone vs. Ashwagandha, the winner depends on your choice. And all this knowledge just made it a lot easier.

Do you want to try it out for yourself? Check out our 500mg Turkesterone capsules, the most bioavailable on the market!

Turkesterone and Ashwagandha are both great additions to your fitness journey, and we wish you the best of luck!


1. Is PCT required for Ashwagandha and/or Turkesterone?

  • PCT is not required for either Ashwagandha or Turkesterone! Ashwagandha has been stated to help in PCT for other supplements. But you do not need PCT for Ashwagandha itself.

Wanna know more about this? Read our article on PCT and Turkesterone.

2. Are Ashwagandha and Turkesterone legal?

  • These two supplements are perfectly legal! As Turkesterone is the most potent ecdysteroid, you might want to check out this article on Ecdysterone legalities to clear up this issue.

3. Can Ashwagandha or Turkesterone be stacked with another supplement?

For Ashwagandha, many suggest stacking it with Rhodiola, another adaptogen herb. Limited research exists on the safety of stacking it with synthetic anabolic steroids.

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